Programme outline

First Steps is a two-day programme that assists you to reframe your skills and experience and build confidence. It is for women who are frequently the backbone of their community, their farming business and are self-motivated and involved.

Specifically designed for rural women by Trust founder Lindy Nelson and industrial psychologist Dr Dale Nelson (not related), First Steps incorporates the findings of Lindy's extensive research into the needs of New Zealand women.

Involving small numbers, First Steps guarantees each participant plenty of individual attention. You won’t get lost in a large group. You will have the opportunity to explore topics, drawing from the facilitator’s experience, other participants and research. The detailed resources and workbook that you leave with ensure you have the right knowledge and tools to draw on after the programme.

Time is spent at the beginning of the programme to create a safe environment for each participant and group confidentiality.

Some pre-work is required to ensure you get the most out of the programme and post-workshop support is offered.  You will be encouraged and assisted by the Trust to form on-going regional mastermind groups to ensure success with your plans. Our research and experience with the programme show these groups, coordinated with support from the Trust, are a real catalyst for support, growth and change.

Day One
You explore your pre-work results and start to take a different look at yourself, your core values, strengths and skills.  

You identify your skills including those that are transferable. Find out how your transferable skills link with your vision, whatever this may be e.g. re-entering the workforce, expanding your education, exploring a new business opportunity, developing your skills further  to fulfill your vision or as one women did - being brave enough to finally go 'off-shore'.  

By the end of the day we start to pull all these together in a ‘stock take' of skills which you can start to collate and build into a CV.  It’s important to understand what you currently have before you can utilise skills in new areas.

Plenty of practical skills, useful tips and exercises are covered, alongside new insights into yourself.  The common reaction from most women is “oh gosh I wish I had known these things years ago” or “why didn’t I recognise these?”  There is time to learn from others through group and paired work, supportively sharing ideas.  You also work reflectively on your own.  Individual coaching and support is offered throughout the programme when needed, because we all know we sometimes get 'stuck'.

Overnight - Gathering day one’s work together and completing some tasks overnight is an important component. This is done at your leisure and in the privacy of your own environment. It is work that requires you to start visioning your future and purpose. Designed by psychologist Dr Dale Nelson, the work is thought-provoking but easy to follow.  It helps you to gather your ideas and thoughts for the future and to explore your current realities. This is where women start to have real clarity and 'ah-ha’ moments.

Day Two
Begins with a 'life-line' exercise where you explore your past to get clues for your future. You start creating your vision. We spend time looking at self-confidence, why it is important and how it differs from self-esteem. What is your current reality and what could possibly hold you back? We discuss what happens when the going gets tough and tips to deal with this. Then the goal planning and action planning begins. You will leave with a plan of both the first steps and next steps to take.