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Future Focus

Planning your farming future - together

Future Focus brings sheep and beef farming partners together to achieve their business goals and aspirations – using a team approach to business planning.


The programme equips and supports farming partners to decide what’s most important in the future, then use that to plan for their business. It recognises that partners working together is vital to success.

Fully funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP), this programme is a chance to take time out to work purely on your business instead of in your business. Reduce stress and share the load by planning and making decisions together.

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Future Focus 2019 Locations and Dates

In 2019, Future Focus will be held in 10 locations throughout New Zealand. Held on two days over two months, Future Focus is open to all sheep and beef farming partners – couples, owner/manager, father/daughter or similar. Completing Understanding Your Farming Business (UYFB) is not a prerequisite.

Each programme is limited to 16 participants, so register your place now via the ‘Register for Future Focus 2019’ button below.

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Feedback from participants

  • David and Rebekah Kelly
  • Graduate feedback
  • Richard Morrison
  • David and Rebekah Kelly

    North Canterbury sheep and beef farmers, David and Rebekah Kelly run 9000 stock units on 2000 hectares of dryland hill country in Waiau.

    “The great thing about having sat and committed this plan to paper is that we know what page we’re on – we know that we’re on the same page together and that as things change we can evolve that plan."

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  • Graduate feedback

    “Working on our plan together has meant we are now on the same page and working towards the same goals - plus it flagged up some things we wanted individually that the other didn’t know about. The opportunity to have conversations that were important to our partnership that we would have otherwise not had. The tools for communication gave us both an insight into working with each others personality in a way that would benefit our relationship and the business.”

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  • Richard Morrison

    To help us identify our values we independently drew a picture of what we want to achieve in farming. Remarkably but not surprisingly, my fiance’s and my pictures looked very similar. Our set of values were also very similar. Family, Honesty, Inclusive, Innovative.   

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Hear from our participants

Future Focus participants talk about why they decided to do the programme and their experiences.

Programme Content

Our expert facilitators provide personalised learning in a trusted, supportive environment.

  • Develop a business vision and goals - step by step
  • Create an action plan with specific outcomes
  • Systems for staying on track with your plan
  • Homework on your plan and report back on action
  • Barriers to success and strategies for overcoming them
  • Engaging and leading your wider team toward success

Programme Details

  • Two full days over two months: 8.30am - 5pm both days
  • Homework to develop your business plan between modules
  • Funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership so there is no cost to participants
  • Each programme is limited to 16 participants
  • All details are confirmed with participants before the programme starts

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