What others say

Here's what women who have completed the First Steps programme have to say:

“Deep down I knew I had more in me.  I had lost confidence in what that was, or if I could utilise my strengths and skills.  I discovered I could and I did.  There is no stopping me now - I am away.   My only regret is that this programme wasn’t around 10 years ago!” 

“I had lots of next steps to do in many areas.  It gave me the encouragement and excitement to make extra time to focus on getting my goals back on the priority lists.  Just knowing there was a support system behind me and having rediscovered all the skills and strengths that I have, gave me the courage to know that I can achieve these next steps.”

"It was an excellent way of reflecting on where I've got to, how I got here, and where I want to head now."

“I definitely came away with increased self-confidence and direction; I was able to put together a personal profile for a company I was interested in. I sent it off and the feedback I got was that it was “very professional” they then offered me an opportunity!”

“First Steps was a fantastic experience that allowed me to meet other like-minded women, who have experienced the same issues.  It’s shown me that I have transferrable skills that are valued and can be used outside of our farming business.”

"With so many of us wearing so many hats, it was invaluable to spend a couple of days just focusing on one thing at a time and look at our situation almost from the outside."

"First Steps was totally relevant because it is designed by rural women for rural women so there was no mucking around trying to explain your context.  Every woman in the room knew exactly where you were coming from - there was a lot of knowing laughter and sighs of relief as we heard our own experiences in the stories of other participants."

"It reinforced my passions and the importance of exploring them further."

"The follow-up with the group and support from the Trust was great - reconnecting with the participants and sharing difficulties and achievements."