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Future Focus Graduate Feedback

“Working on our plan together has meant we are now on the same page and working towards the same goals – plus it flagged up some things we wanted individually that the other didn’t know about. The opportunity to have conversations that were important to our partnership that we would have otherwise not had. The tools for communication gave us both an insight into working with each others personality in a way that would benefit our relationship and the business.”

“Has taken a lot of things out my head and formalised them and given us tools to work into a great team.”

“I’m so glad that this is now being delivered and I know it will make a huge difference to being able to work as a partnership on the strategic part of the business.”

“We came away really enthused about the course and our farm and chatted all the way home about the business.”

“It was engaging and the group dynamics were excellent – I enjoy spending time with like-minded people.”

“Having the tutors help my wife get me to understand the concept of how to formalise what was in my head.”

“Having my husband there to hear the importance of strategic planning from someone else and then being able to immediately discuss it.”

“Thanks so much for delivering what is such an empowering course. We are so grateful that we have been able to access such passionate and knowledgeable facilitators. Being able to do this course really makes women feel as if they matter and enabling the partnership to work together on themes and strategies that would otherwise be seen as ‘soft’ if we simply went home and spoke to our ‘men’ about it, is simply invaluable. My husband commented that he simply didn’t get it and the enormity of how much it could impact on our business and family – for the better- until he came in the course.”

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