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Know Your Mindset. Grow Your Influence.

Positive change for your farm, family and community starts with you.


In a world moving faster all the time, sometimes it’s best to just pause, cut through the noise and focus on what’s really important to your family, farm and community.

Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is a short, personal development programme to help you respond to pressure and uncertainty with positive, meaningful action.

Alongside like-minded people, learn to respond to challenge, change and opportunity - like regulation or market changes - by exploring what you actually value. Then, develop an action plan for influencing positive change in your family life, farming business, community or wider industry. 

Guided by a clinical psychologist and AWDT facilitator, the programme makes positive psychology practical for farmers, growers and other rural New Zealanders. 

This programme is a reminder that influence is a two-way street. You’ve always responded to the effects of the weather, the market or the board table – but real, meaningful change for the people and places you care about, starts at the kitchen table, with you.



Thanks to our partners

The Know Your Mindset. Grow Your Influence programme is a collaborative effort.  Support from MPI, Farmstrong and the Rural Support Trust made this programme happen, along with founding support from Beef + Lamb New Zealand.


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Feedback from participants

  • Paul Crick, Wairarapa
  • Paul Crick, Wairarapa

    The most potential on my farm, is in me.

    Paul Crick takes a practical, straightforward approach when it comes to developing mindset. “I have to do it. It’s my responsibility as a team leader, farmer and community member to know what’s in my control, find the best way forward and get the job done. The best outcomes for my family, business and off farm work, start with me having the right mindset.”

    Like most farmers, Paul is no stranger to change. After 30 years of managing farming challenges throughout his farming career, he sees new regulation and the pace of its implementation ratcheting up the pressure on farmers.

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You will leave Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence with three key take-aways:


  1. Understanding of how uncertainty, disruption and change can impact your thinking and behaviour.
  2. Ability to clarify your priorities and more mindfully direct your attention, energy and behaviour towards these.  
  3. A plan to positively influence the people, places and organisations that matter to you.  

Who is Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence for?

Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is designed for farmers, growers and members of our rural communities – both women and men – who are interested in positively responding to increasing pressure and change in their life, business or sector.

Farming partnerships, teams and families are encouraged to attend together, as these close relationships are often the best places to have conversations about the things we value the most. Individuals are also welcome.

We recognise that these are challenging and uncertain times. While Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is designed to support a positive mindset, it is not designed for people who are experiencing poor wellbeing or significant mental health issues. Please contact the Rural Support Trust instead.


Participant feedback

“It’s really good to give time to stop and think about your mindset and reflect. Sometimes you get caught in day-to-day and forget to process your own feelings/mindset.” 

“I enjoyed spending time with my partner on the workshops... it was revealing and surprising how much he engaged. Revisiting my values helped me understand the current disruption I am experiencing. It made me more aware of my behaviours that are unhelpful when under stress which helps me find a more helpful way of moving forward.” 

“I enjoyed the breakout rooms and chatting to others. It gives you insights into how others are receiving the information.”

“Having a clinical understanding and an ability to recognise our emotional reactions goes a long way to improving the journey.”

“In rural NZ we have a poor understanding of the drivers of good mind health. And as we start up-skilling we realise that we have a tiger by the tail and all is not well in provincial NZ. Workshops like this are critical to raising the bar in understanding ourselves and motivations. Once we better understand ourselves, we can better understand our family and our community and everything we do next, including advocacy, comes from a more healthy and better informed place.”


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