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Wāhine Māia, Wāhine Whenua Graduate Feedback

“I now have a much better understanding of farming and am excited to use what I have learnt. I have a huge list of action plans of things to do.”

“I have enjoyed every part of the programme and am sharing this with my Family – this is not for me but for them. I am excited by the new changes we are about to make.”

“Especially the knowledge to run our business better. I have wanted to participate but didn’t quite know where to get the right help.”

“Finding out how much I already knew – and then extending my knowledge base even further. Meeting other women in the region from a number of different trusts as well as hearing from farming women and what challenges they face.”

“My husband works very hard on our farm and I believe with this new extra knowledge that I have gained from this course we can make better business decisions.”

“Being together with other like-minded women and meeting highly-successful tutors who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Knowing there are other women farming and we can share our remedies and learn from each other also made me feel good.”

“Networking with other Maori women in the agri business sector was invaluable. The opportunity to do a “health status check” on where our business is at was very useful.”

“Not all farm units were being measured or analysed in ways that provided meaningful metrics for performance. Through the programme, it became apparent that we needed to find industry metrics for all our business units to create realistic measures and goals to place within the framework of our whole business plan.”

“Simply loved every minute.”

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