UYFB Graduate Feedback

“This course has changed our business in many ways:

  • our lending margin was examined, resulting in a decrease in interest rate
  • we have now a written plan of goals, and how we will achieve these
  • which has made our budgeting so much easier
  • I am now a director in our company which gives me a clear path of where I fit as a critical farming partner.”

“The change in our farming business has been huge because now it’s the two of us, before it was just my partner in his head and me following along. It has been life changing.”

“UYFB has made me feel equal with anyone in any situation and able to talk with anyone.”

“I haven’t had farming business training previously. This course was enlightening, challenging, empowering, exciting and has had a significant impact.”

“It has been the most worthwhile thing I have done in many years. I am thrilled that my husband is as excited as I am about the new knowledge I have gained.”

“I realise that I was isolated before and now I know there’s a whole group of women in this country who are keen and interested to strive for better.”

“It’s created new discussions – where do we want to get to? why didn’t we get there? What do we need to do differently next time; what are our 10-15 year goals?”

“All farming partners need to do something like this – men and women.  We don’t know what we don’t know!”

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