Delivering growth

AWDT delivers multi-faceted development to individual women and groups within organisations.  To maximise impact, we make sure that each of our programmes or events complement existing initiatives in primary industries.

We scale up programmes appropriately and measure their impact to make sure they are reaching the people and places that need it.

Programmes are delivered by external facilitators in leadership, finance, communication and strategy, alongside our own in-house experienced facilitators.

Take a look at our ongoing programmes here and examples of development initiatives developed for industry organisations here.


Find out more about the impact of AWDT development programmes on primary industries:

Understanding Your Farming Business
wahine-maiaWāhine Māia, Wāhine Whenua
It’s all about YOU (Formerly First Steps

Protecting Your Team

Facilitator training

Facilitator Training
AWDT’s in-house facilitator training has developed many of its own programme facilitators. Training in facilitation skills is offered to other organisations using the wide experience of our accredited facilitators.

Strategic Partners

Programme Partners