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Next Level

The confidence and skills to lead


You are a change-maker.

You’re here to make a positive difference for the people, communities and land that you love.

It’s time to step-up, lead the change and reach your next level with us.


Next Level is a six-month leadership and governance development programme empowering you to make positive impact in New Zealand's primary sector and rural communities.


It’s about understanding your ‘why’, building the mindset and skills to lead and setting the direction towards your goals.   


Next Level is designed for change-makers and aspiring leaders across the sector, from farmers and growers, to women in support & service industries, community-builders and executives.


The programme combines individual learning and support from professional facilitators and coaches, with the power of a cohort-for-life – a group of like-minded women who grow to trust and support each other for the journey ahead.


Download the Next Level 2021 information pack for the full programme overview. 



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Programme content

Across the six-month programme, you will:

1. Break-through internal barriers to find confidence and courage

2. Develop a mindset for leadership 

3. Find your way to motivate and lead

4. Develop your ability to positively influence others

5. Build your communication skills – learn to stay cool under pressure

6. Connect with your tribe of like-minded, supportive women

7. Create a personalised plan of action, including a governance CV


Programme details

Modules & pre/inter-module learning

Expert facilitators work with your group face-to-face over 2X two-and-a-half day modules covering core development areas. Pre-module tasks support meaningful learning and stimulate thinking, while inter-module work cements learning, taking classroom theory to practical application. Self-directed online modules support your development across eight topics.

Developing networks

Several opportunities throughout the year to meet, learn from and influence industry leaders and professionals.

Your cohort-for-life

Each programme is limited to 15 woman who learn and grow together. 

Coaching support

Your personal executive coach supports your leadership journey across the programme, helping to overcome barriers and seize opportunities.

An investment in your future

The Next Level programme costs $4,000 +GST per participant, excluding travel and accommodation expenses. Some Next Level participants are able to cover part of the programme cost through the NZTE Capability Voucher scheme. Conditions apply and the process is detailed in the Next Level 2021 information pack downloadable on the left of this page. 


What the Next Level Alumni have to say

"I thought I was on a mission to find my "why". Actually I had that all along, it was my "how" that needed clarity. I now see myself as a leader and endeavour to always act as a leader, using a positive voice to advocate for and influence within our industry and community.”

“Next Level has refocused me - made me consider further education, broadening my networks and being part of governance roles outside of my business.”

“Next Level affirmed the skills I have and gave me the confidence in my abilities to put myself out there.”

“I now listen to hear, not listen to reply. I take time to understand where someone is coming from and how best to approach the subject.”


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