Researching needs

Extensive research on the needs of women in primary industries and the barriers they face to development and growth was the basis on which AWDT was founded by Lindy Nelson in 2010.

Since then a range of programmes, workshops and events have evolved as we have worked with industry and Government organisations to further research and identify how women can help transform our primary industries.

AWDT uses robust evaluation processes, focus groups and case studies and works closely with industry to identify and address challenges.

We have extensive networks of women throughout New Zealand who we can involve in research projects and are able to assist primary industry organisations with their own research.

What do we know?

Lindy Nelson

Lindy Nelson’s initial research revealed that rural women

  • can be and are successful at the ‘What Now?’ stage of their lives.
  • use strengths and skills developed in their earlier roles by default rather than by design
  • are able to identify their skills and the barriers to making the changes necessary to reinvent themselves
  • have insight into how they need to be supported to achieve their goals
  • want and need more support before, during and after programmes to help them succeed.

Research validation

RMPP research summary overview

In 2015 and 2016 several studies independently validated AWDT’s own research, purpose and programmes. They included a study undertaken by UMR Research which strongly correlated the business contribution of women farming partners with the characteristics of high-performing farms. Read more…

Strategic Partners

Programme Partners