Designing solutions

AWDT designs tailor-made development programmes, events, workshops and support to meet the needs of companies, industry groups and organisations, and their people.

Working as a critical partner to the industry, and based on sound research, we design solutions to meet identified needs.

Whether that is a one-day event or a three-month programme, the aim is usually the same – to develop the skills and confidence of women so they can contribute more strongly to their businesses, communities and industries.

If your organisation would like to explore possibilities for developing leadership, governance and business skills and the confidence of your people, please contact us.


Working with industry

Using our own research and building on our foundation programmes, AWDT has so far designed and delivered development programmes for women, and men, for:

What works?

What works?

Our research tells us that women need development programmes which:

  • are designed to fit their lifestyle and which understood their needs.
  • are meaningful and affordable
  • include pre-course preparation
  • include support during and after completion
  • involve mentoring support and shadowing opportunities
  • involve small numbers.

Strategic Partners

Programme Partners