North Canterbury sheep and beef farmers, David and Rebekah Kelly run 9000 stock units on 2000 hectares of dryland hill country in Waiau. “The great thing about having sat and committed this plan to paper is that we know what page we’re on – we know that we’re on the same page together and that as things change we can evolve that plan. We were quite aware that we have quite contrasting but complimentary personalities before we did the course but hearing other people’s stories about the way they use their personality and strengths and weaknesses was again confidence building.” –   Rebekah Kelly “Doing the Future Focus programme with Rebekah has just given me enormous confidence – we are in the right place as a couple and it’s exciting business. We’re very privileged to be involved in farming and we just want to make the most of it. I just thought it was a really good time for us to do something more formally together. And just to get outside the daily grind in a fresh space where we could be a bit more not so swamped by tasks in our vision. It’s very easy just to carry those day to day things and not think about the bigger picture. I think we’re always carrying big plans around in out head and it just was an opportunity to probably get both our plans down on one bit of paper, the opportunity just to bounce ideas around in a pretty neutral setting. The RMPP to me has been very practical and some really relevant things that we can apply to the business going forward.” –   David Kelly

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