Paul Crick

Paul Crick

Paul Crick takes a practical, straightforward approach when it comes to developing mindset. “I have to do it. It’s my responsibility as a team leader, farmer and community member to know what’s in my control, find the best way forward and get the job done. The best outcomes for my family, business and off farm work, start with me having the right mindset.”

Like most farmers, Paul is no stranger to change. After 30 years of managing farming challenges throughout his farming career, he sees new regulation and the pace of its implementation ratcheting up the pressure on farmers.

“These are new challenges. We need to utilize a different mindset to solve them.

“I think it comes down to two-things. Approaching the issue with curiosity and not having a ‘closed mindset’, like asking why these regulations are happening. Then personalising the challenge by deciding what you can control (and what you can’t), what impacts they could have (positive or negative) and focusing on those actions that make sense to you.”

“A good example is leading on-farm teams. At a high level, I, as an individual might not be able to change government policy, but I can invest time in being a good employer – understanding everyone’s communication style and pressure points, building trust and relationships. It is important to be aware and engaged of what is happening to our sector outside the farm gate, and understanding where I can have the greatest impact, and influence. In the long-run, a strong team culture is important to me because as a collective we have the ability to do great things – benefiting individuals, families and our communities.

For Paul, this methodical response to new issues starts with taking the time to slow down and think through the big questions, understanding his conscious and unconscious biases, and how they align to his values.

“It’s about understanding my strengths, weaknesses and the parts of my life where I can have a positive influence. We all wear many different hats each day so it’s about choosing which role, in which moment, that you’re going to focus on. That self-reflection can be quite confronting and difficult at first. That’s why programmes like Know Your Mindset. Grow your Influence are helpful – professional guides using proven processes and systems to help you ‘look in the mirror’ and, “most importantly make some positive changes in your life”

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