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Generation Change

Young women. Bringing purpose to food and fibre.

A one-day workshop and support community preparing young women for a life of meaningful work and impact in the primary sector.

The truth is, we need you.

Because we can’t build the resilient, people-centred primary sector of the future, with old ideas.

We need courage too. The kind that’s grounded in a deep love for the things that matter – like our whānau, land or community. The kind that pushes you to challenge, break and re-build the status-quo.

We need the kind of courage that makes the old guard sweat.Generation Change

We don’t need employees in the new primary sector. We need innovators and visionaries. We need collaborators, bridge-builders, scientists and storytellers. We need land guardians.

But we get it. As a young woman in tertiary study or training, you’re standing in front of many pathways to impact - all shifting and re-shaping as our world changes. Finding the first step to meaningful work can be hard.

That’s why we’re running ‘Generation Change’ - a one-day workshop and support community to help you prepare for a life with impact.

It’s about you bringing your true self to the sector. Choosing the right pathway for you, by clearly knowing your values, strengths and purpose.

Through guided self-reflection, you’ll answer the hard questions that matter. What do you stand for? What does positive impact mean to you? What’s step one?

Through the real-life stories of food and fibre leaders, you’ll map potential pathways and explore what meaningful work feels like.

You’ll walk forward with the first draft of your career roadmap - supported by your peers, inspiring role-models and one progressive food and fibre leader as a mentor.

Your generation will be change-makers in a food and fibre sector that delivers for New Zealand and the world. There’s a long way to go, but let’s start with your values, strengths and purpose.

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AWDT acknowledges the Co-Funding of this project by the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures Fund and AGMARDT


‘Generation Change’ connects young women with progressive New Zealanders across the food and fibre sector to cultivate their sense of purpose and ability to make impact. It starts with a one-day workshop for 100 participants, running from 10:00am to 7:00pm across five sessions:

  1. Reflecting on you – connecting with your strengths and values.
  2. Defining what positive impact means to you.
  3. Planning your first steps towards a life of meaningful work.
  4. Stories to inspire - personal primary sector journeys and a glimpse into the future of work.
  5. Gathering allies - connecting with your mentor and networking with progressive people across the sector – from farmers to food system builders, product developers, marketers and more.

Following the workshop, the ‘Generation Change’ community will continue to grow through online networks, one-to-one mentoring, social media connection and future events.

To deliver 'Generation Change', we've partnered with amp'd - experts in helping people find joy in work. 



The first 'Generation Change' programme kicks off in Christchurch. This is a pilot programme with three more planned in other regions in 2022 and 2023. South Island participants are encouraged to register for Christchurch - others can register their interest for a future programme using the button below. 

Location Venue Date Time Registration deadline
Christchurch Christchurch Town Hall Thursday 31st March 2022 10:00am - 7:00pm Wednesday 16th March 2022
Palmerston North TBC Early 2022  TBC TBC


Generation Change is supported by: 


Photo credit: AWDT alumni (clockwise from top left) Amelia Wood, Carla Muller, Heather Gee-Taylor, Cheyenne Wilson.


Registration is available to women currently in some form of tertiary study or training.


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‘Generation Change’ is for young women in tertiary study or training, interested in making positive impact in New Zealand’s food & fibre sector.



You will leave ‘Generation Change’ inspired to make your mark in the food and fibre sector – part of a group of young women ready to bring their true self to meeting our world’s great challenges and opportunities. ‘Generation Change’ works to four outcomes:


  • Reflect – Connect with your personal values and strengths and cultivate a growth mindset.
  • Plan – Describe what meaningful work feels like to you and design an action plan to realise it.
  • Understand – Learn about purpose, change and impact first-hand from progressive food and fibre leaders. Understand the mega trends shaping the future of work and your sector.
  • Connect – Cultivate your network of primary sector people, connect with a mentor for one-to-one support and be welcomed into the Agri-Women’s Development Trust, Rural Leaders NZ and NZ Young Farmers whānau.


Thanks to support from The Ministry for Primary Industries and AGMARDT, 'Generation Change' costs just $50.00 inc GST to attend (lunch and refreshments included).

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