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Our Resilient Farming Business

A pilot programme preparing you and your farming businesses to grow through change

The next drought is coming, prices will swing and regulations will tighten.

Uncertainty and risk are not new. But the pace and scale of change facing Kiwi farmers and growers is.

Navigating your farming business through this accelerating change starts at the kitchen table, with the accounts open and the confidence to make good decisions, whatever comes your way.

Building financial and personal resilience is about developing your capability to adapt and seize new opportunities when change happens.

Resilience is a skill. It can be learnt. It starts with investing time in preparation - identifying potential risks and opportunities ahead of time, training your decision-making skills, preparing an action plan and knowing where to find tools and support.

Supported by the Ministry for Primary Industries, this free programme will support farming and growing New Zealanders to cultivate the financial and personal resilience needed to thrive in the face of accelerating change.


As a pilot programme, you will be supporting us to test this first-iteration alongside other farmers and growers in your group.  The focus is on designing and delivering the best quality programme and your feedback on what works well and what needs improvement is critical.

The pilot programme consists of two face-to-face full day modules, one month apart.  The programme also includes self-directed pre-module and inter-module work to help participants get the most out of the programme.

Thanks to support from the Ministry for Primary Industries 'Our Resilient Farming Business' pilot programmes are free to attend.


Our Resilient Farming Business pilot programmes are for farming and growing business owners and managers interested in building their financial and personal adaptability in changing environments.  Participants must have:

  • Financial responsibility for a farming business (or farming business unit)
  • An existing budget
  • The ability to create and monitor a  budget
  • The ability to read financial accounts (including a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement)

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Outcomes for participants

Farmers and growers will leave the pilot programme with an action plan and the tools and confidence to reduce risk, build agility and cultivate resilience in their farming or growing business.This outcome is the result of developing:

  1. An open and positive mindset that embraces change.
  2. A clear picture of what a resilient farming or growing business looks like.
  3. Simple frameworks that build personal and financial resilience.
  4. An understanding of how lenders assess and measure financial resilience.
  5. A measure of the financial resiliency of your business.
  6. Your business resiliency action plan (reviewed with other farmers).
  7. An understanding of how your personal/team resilience attributes impact your decision-making.
  8. Access to tools and support networks that will help build resilience.

Through new skills, connections and planning, the programme will support farmers to feel more confident in their ability to deal with uncertainty and risk.


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