Not-for-profit Performance – An agri sector perspective

We are pleased to share this new research report and toolkit that aims to benefit the performance, sustainability and resilience of not-for-profits, large and small, operating in the agri food & fibre sector.

The report, by KPMG and funded by AGMARDT, provides insights into opportunities the sector presents, practical tools to challenge performance and future resilience, and options for sustainable business model innovation.

Not-for-profits play a critical role in serving New Zealand’s economic powerhouse – the food and fibre sector.  They are significant contributors to our GDP, employment and overall wellbeing – fulfilling needs that might not have otherwise been met.

This research will help not-for-profits build on their strengths and magnify their impact by challenging performance and identifying opportunities in eight key areas.

The report is for use by all all not-for-for profit organisations – large and small. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this research – a list of contributors can be found on the final page.

Click the image below to download the report

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