Know your Mindset. Do what Matters

Training for rural people navigating change

Change and uncertainty can be hard. So here’s a chance to pause and refocus on the things that matter.

‘Know your Mindset. Do what Matters’ is a short, practical wellbeing programme designed specifically for rural women and men.  

Running online across two evenings, it’s about learning how to focus under pressure and prioritise wellbeing for ourselves, families, farms and communities.

Learn the science of psychology from accredited professionals and hear from farmers who bring it to life through personal stories and examples. Connect and have a bit of fun with other rural people from the comfort of home.

Bring along a friend, whānau or your team, and let’s press pause together.

Photo thanks to Alice & Dave Trevelyan 

Programme aims

  • Understand the impact that uncertainty, disruption and change miight have on thinking and behaviour
  • Clarify priorities and use these to direct behaviour
  • Identify positive changes you can make and build a realistic action plan


Doing what matters


Previous programme participants told us that the training helped them to:

  • Recognise the importance of personal wellbeing and make time for things that ‘fill my cup’
  • Feel less alone after connecting with others and sharing similar stories
  • Share some of the tools with teams or families to support wellbeing
  • Connect better as a couple or family, and have more fun
  • Focus on the important things over the small stuff
  • Have more thoughtful and considered family discussions, particularly around succession planning
  • Be a better listener and help family, friends or team-mates navigate pressure
  • Reflect on workplace culture and take practical steps to change behaviour in the team
  • Demonstrate personal or family values in a business

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Feedback from participants


Paul Crick, Wairarapa

Paul Crick takes a practical, straightforward approach when it comes to developing mindset. “I have to do it. It’s my responsibility as a team leader, farmer and community member to know what’s in my control, find the best way forward and get the job done. The best outcomes for my family, business and off farm work, start with me having the right mindset.”

Like most farmers, Paul is no stranger to change. After 30 years of managing farming challenges throughout his farming career, he sees new regulation and the pace of its implementation ratcheting up the pressure on farmers.

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Two online evening sessions, one week apart. 


‘Know your Mindset. Do what Matters’ is designed for farming and growing families, teams, advisors and anyone in a rural community.


This programme is now free of charge


Session 1 Learn the science of stress in uncertain times and how to respond calmly.

Session 2 Identify positive actions for the people and places that matter most to you, your family or community, and build a realistic action plan.



  • "My thinking’s far more flexible nowadays. If everything’s going well, I’ll think, ‘good staff, good rosters, cows are happy, sweet, away I go for a day off’." Matt Goodwin, South Canterbury

  • "The planning tools and values exercises helped us create the vision for our native tree nursery." Dave Swney & Alice Trevelyan, Waikato (photo)

  • "In my job, I see farmers under stress. So I needed to know how others deal with stress and how I can help. I can now feel the stress in a room better, and hold space for those under pressure." Catie Avery, M.Bovis response

  • “I’m training myself to stop, notice, calm down and look for the positives before addressing problems. Little things - like pausing to observe the insect life in our multi-pasture crop - makes me feel good about what we are doing on the farm.”  Alison Bentley, Bay of Plenty

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