23 July

Farmer workshop for staying positive under pressure

Launching this August, Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is an online workshop supporting farmers to respond to uncertainty and change with meaningful action that bolsters wellbeing and self-value.

Presented by Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) and the Agri-Women’s Development Trust (AWDT), with support from Farmstrong and Ravensdown, the online workshop brings to life the science of psychology as it relates to farming businesses in two interactive sessions facilitated by a leading farmer and a clincial psychologist.

Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence supports farmers to cut through the noise, focus on the things that matter to them and decide what positive action in their farming business, home or community looks like,” says B+LNZ’s General Manager North Island, Matt Ward.

“It’s about managing the pressure farmers are facing, while encouraging the kind of local, positive influence that often starts at a farmer’s dinner table.”

The workshop is purpose built for farmers, by farmers, says AWDT general manager Lisa Sims. “It’s psychology made relevant, practical and engaging for farmers. We use real-life examples of positive action like Meat the Need, mix presentations with farmer-to-farmer breakout sessions and support participants to identify values-driven actions that positively influence the people and places they care about.”

Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence will run across two days: August 12 and August 19 (7:00pm – 8:30pm) and is open to individuals or farming partnerships in the sheep, beef and dairy sectors. Thanks to the support of the programme partners, the workshop is free for farmers.

AWDT founder and farmer Lindy Nelson and leading New Zealand clinical psychologist Dr Nigel George from Umbrella Wellbeing will co-present the workshop.

Farmer feedback from a pilot version of the workshop noted the value of taking time to stop and think and reflect on their own mindset rather than getting caught in the day-to-day and forgetting to process feelings.

Another pilot participant said “workshops like this are critical to raising the bar in understanding ourselves and our motivations. Once we do this, we can better understand our family and our community and everything we do next including advocacy that comes from a healthier and better-informed place.”

Farmers interested in Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence can learn more and register on Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s website here.


Clinical Psychologist Dr Nigel George from Umbrella Wellbeing AWDT Founder and farmer Lindy Nelson

About Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence.

Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is a practical, online workshop supporting farmers to respond to pressures with meaningful action that bolsters their sense of wellbeing and self-value.

  • Format: Two online workshop sessions with individual work in between.
  • Date: 12 August (7pm-8:30pm) & 19 August (7pm-8:30pm).
  • Cost: Know your Mindset. Grow your Influence is free for farmers, thanks to the support of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, AWDT and programme partners Farmstrong and Ravensdown.
  • Registration: Register yourself or your farming partnership at https://beeflambnz.com/events/know-your-mindset-grow-your-influence

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