Future Focus

Planning your farming future, together


*Programme update*

After four years supporting the Future Focus programme, the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) has come to the end of its 7-year mission to lift the sector’s productivity and profitability.

Thanks to RMPP, Future Focus has supported more than 230 sheep, beef and dairy farming partners to plan their future together.  

In 2021, AWDT is conducting a programme review of Future Focus – exploring how this programme might continue to support farming partners to co-design their future, set an action plan and benchmark success along the way.

If you are still interested in Future Focus, please go ahead and register below. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the programme’s future later in the year.


What are you and your farming partner doing it all for?RMPP

Why do you pull on the wet-weathers, get stuck-in and add yet another job to the to-do list?

In the long run, it's the big stuff - like family & succession, legacy, values, your community - that makes it all worth it.

Future Focus is about putting your shared goals & vision at the top of the to-do list for a change.  A chance to step back from the daily grind, get the big stuff down on paper and make your future feel real, together.

What to expect from Future Focus:

  • Co-design your vision for the future with your critical farming partner (your spouse, business partner, sibling, parent etc).
  • Identify key financial & performance indicators and understand where your business is at now.
  • Learn how to approach business planning as a team - leverage each other's strengths, share the load and make decisions together.
  • Create an action plan with specific outcomes and learn systems for staying on track.
  • Guidance from expert facilitators and connections with like-minded, local farming partners.

Please register your interest below to be informed when future programme dates and locations are scheduled.

* The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a Primary Growth Partnership programme that is working to help the red meat sector increase productivity and profitability.  RMPP works alongside AWDT to deliver Future Focus throughout New Zealand.

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Feedback from participants

  • David and Rebekah Kelly
  • Graduate feedback
  • Richard Morrison
  • David and Rebekah Kelly

    North Canterbury sheep and beef farmers, David and Rebekah Kelly run 9000 stock units on 2000 hectares of dryland hill country in Waiau.

    “The great thing about having sat and committed this plan to paper is that we know what page we’re on – we know that we’re on the same page together and that as things change we can evolve that plan."

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  • Graduate feedback

    “Working on our plan together has meant we are now on the same page and working towards the same goals - plus it flagged up some things we wanted individually that the other didn’t know about. The opportunity to have conversations that were important to our partnership that we would have otherwise not had. The tools for communication gave us both an insight into working with each others personality in a way that would benefit our relationship and the business.”

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  • Richard Morrison

    To help us identify our values we independently drew a picture of what we want to achieve in farming. Remarkably but not surprisingly, my fiance’s and my pictures looked very similar. Our set of values were also very similar. Family, Honesty, Inclusive, Innovative.   

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Hear from our participants

Future Focus participants talk about why they decided to do the programme and their experiences.

Programme Content

Module One: Business planning covers defining your vision, understanding where your
business is at currently (i.e. identifying key financial & performance indicators),
creating a business plan and identifying your goals, stepping-stones and key actions
needed in achieving your vision.

Module Two: Business planning implementation and leadership covers a review of your
business plan with like-minded farming partnerships, understanding how to keep your
plan moving, creating good business habits, developing personal leadership skills
and learning how to “show up” for business success.


Programme Details

  • Two full days over two months: 10.00am - 5:30pm both days
  • Homework to develop your business plan between modules
  • Each programme is limited to 16 participants / 8 partnerships
  • All details are confirmed with participants before the programme starts

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