It’s all about YOU

You're not your job, farm, orchard or your family. You, are you. 

In your search for confidence and self-worth - your values, strengths, goals and experiences will show you the way.

No matter your stage in life, it's time to re-prioritise you. 


It's all about YOU is a two-day personal development programme that uncovers your true value and identity. A chance to break away from your everyday routine, reconnect with yourself and explore new possibilities for positive change in your life.

But you won’t do it alone. Your It's all about YOU experience takes place in a supportive group of inspiring women. Everyone is a little nervous at first, but sharing in each other’s journey of self-reflection makes for lifelong connections by the programme’s end.  

Guiding your group is our professional facilitators who will both cultivate a culture of trust, and support you one-on-one.


Upcoming dates and locations for 'It's all about YOU' 2024

Hamilton Thu 12 & Fri 13 September
Christchurch Mon 16 & Tue 17 September


Investing in YOU

It's all about YOU runs on a two-tier fee model. If you are from a farm, from a rural community, or running a small business, you are eligible for a subsidy making the fee $420 + GST.

Where women are sponsored by their primary sector business or organisation, the full programme fee of $1,000 + GST applies.

View our refund policy here.

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Her Story

  • Heather Gee-Taylor
  • Wendy Coup
  • Amanda Burling
  • Cathy Cotter
  • Eloise Neeley
  • Emma Hammond
  • Marianne Awburn
  • Heather Gee-Taylor

    Q. Tell us a bit about yourself Heather?

    A. I grew up on a sheep and beef farm, and realised very quickly that agriculture was where I wanted to take my future. I then decided to head to Lincoln to do my Ag Comms degree. Straight after finishing Uni I was invited on a trip to Canada with Charolias breeders NZ, as I also own my stud. After I returned, I tried out Rural banking but discovered that I wanted to be back on farm. I also hit the ground running with my campaign to be elected onto the Manawatu District Council, Rural ward and got in.  Just this week I have also completed a week of shearing school as I’m always wanting to learn new skills and develop myself.

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  • Wendy Coup

    Realising a vision

    For Wendy Coup, the ‘creating your vision’ exercise during Agri-Women’s Development Trust’s (AWDT) It’s All About YOU programme was the start of creating her dream job and a more fulfilling life.

    Originally from Australia, Wendy was farming with her husband Martin on their King Country sheep and beef farm when she did the programme (then called First Steps) in 2012.

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  • Amanda Burling

    Five years ago, Taranaki accountant, farm manager’s partner and mother of three young children, Amanda Burling, felt like she had completely lost her way.

    “I was a stay-at-home mum.  My life revolved around the kids, school and playcentre, I was stressed out, felt completely dependent on others and not feeling in control.

    It was full on with three little kids and we needed a new vehicle which we couldn’t afford. I had thought about going back to work but just couldn’t see how it could work and couldn’t see a way forward. I had completely forgotten who I was and felt totally dependent on my partner.”

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  • Cathy Cotter

    Understanding own potential benefits others
    When newly-appointed Dairy Women’s Network (DWN) South Island Convenor Coordinator, Cathie Cotter, went along to First Steps to see if it was a suitable course for her convenors she got much more than she expected – the start of her own personal development journey.

    “I had talked to other women about the programme, but hadn’t thought about it from my own perspective. First Steps not only gave me a new awareness of my skills, but permission to start my own personal journey as a respected industry professional, as well as a dairy farmer, wife and mother.”

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  • Eloise Neeley

    Life-changing new pathway

    Timing was everything for Eloise Neeley when her life turned on its head and she returned to Whangarei after farming in the South Island for 20 years.

    “The move north was a catalyst for reinventing myself as I’d been away from Northland for so long I didn’t know many people. I had heard about First Steps and had it in the back of my mind so it was perfect timing when it came to Northland.”

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  • Emma Hammond

    Course identifies leadership strength

    Winton farmer, wife and mother of three, Emma Hammond, has moved into representation roles in Fonterra and education after reconfirming her skills, identifying new ones and gaining newfound confidence through First Steps.

    “I’d had a successful career prior to leaving my job after the birth of my second child and had become a bit lost and disillusioned that I’d lost my identity. I did the farm books but needed more mental stimulation, while still being there for my family.

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  • Marianne Awburn

    AWDT shared Marianne's achievement on our Facebook page recently

    We love to see innovation making a difference for farmers - particularly when it’s come from AWDT graduates like Marianne Awburn (It’s all about YOU, 2021).

    Marianne and the team at Springarm Products Limited took out the Prototype award at the 2021 Fieldays Innovation Award for their durable, reliable and easy to install spring-armed ballcock design!

    Great stuff Marianne!

    Marianne replied to our post with this feedback

    "Thank you so much for  the mention! I credit your "It's all about YOU" course for giving me the courage and confidence to give this a go.  And look what we would have missed out on if we hadn't! Thank you so much for THE most inspiring and truyl helpful course teaching "soft skills" I have ever been on.  It has had a tremendous impact on me and my life!"

Hear from our graduates

It's all about YOU helped Becks Tosswill put clarity around her purpose, vision and new skillset - setting a pathway for her future.


Programme Content

  • Discover your true value by reconnecting with your strengths, experiences and core values

  • Refocus and re-prioritise yourself, no matter what stage of life you’re at

  • Explore new possibilities and opportunities to live with purpose

  • Build your confidence

  • Create lasting connections, join the AWDT network and live supported growth everyday

Programme details

  • In-person - two consecutive days 8:30am - 5:00pm 
  • Post programme support through online group & optional coaching

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